Spotlight Shifts To Womens Rights in Iran


ضیافت فرهنگی ایرانی برای حمایت از حقوق بانوان

در این هفته هزاران نفر در فستیوال ایرانیان در سیاتل ،شرکت کردند.از افراد سرشناس می توان از خانم جمیله خرازی  موسس بنیاد توس و از حامیان حقوق بانوان در این ضیافت نام برد. محدوده فعالیتهای خانم خرازی به حمایت از آموزش و تحصیلات در مناطق محروم و جنگ زده و پاسداری از حقوق بانوان را می توان اشاره نمود.وی به عنوان یک هنرمند و حامی فرهنگ و تمدن ایرانی ،فعالیت های گسترده ای برای ترویج و گسترش این موضوعات داشته است.

جمیله خرازی اشاره نمود "ایران متشکل از مردمان با فرهنگها و زبانهای مختلف است که نشانه پتانسیل بالای منابع فرهنگی و هنری می باشد"

Cultural Celebration Highlights Women's Rights in Iran


This week, thousands celebrated the Iranian Festival in Seattle. The festival featured film, books, food and performance celebrating Iranian culture. (Kayhan Life)


Ali Ghambari spoke on the American-Iranian connection.

"At the end of the day, for me, [I] stand and say I'm proud to be Iranian-American. I have to be proud of the love and culture that raised me," he said. "And I have to take that energy and diversity to make America stronger."


Others used the celebration as a opportunity to invite culture change .Jamila Kharrazi is a Iranian culture preserver. She started the Toos Foundation, which is built around preserving Iranian cultural heritage. (Toos)


"Persian and Iranian culture is elegant and beautiful. Around the world, we come together often to celebrate life. However, we have challenges in Iran that we can work together as a world community to overcome."



The Iranian Festival has featured dancers clad in traditional Persian garb. Iran has a lively party scene they seek to recreate, where people come together to laugh, talk and connect. Via Wikimedia Commons.


Women's Rights Lag Behind the World


Iran is made up of a myriad of different ethnic groups. Recent authors have commented on the struggle of women in these different spaces.


Diana Nammi is one such author. (Kayhan Life)


In her recent book, Girl With A Gun: A Teenage Freedom Fighter in Iran she talks about her fight for women's rights through her life. During her early years, she clashed with authority. She fought against teachers and saw a bride berated at a wedding. At 17, she became part of the Peshmerga. They are a militia of Kurds in Iran. (Unbound)


Kurdistan ranges from southern Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Over the years, they have been repressed. As an ethnic minority, they have fought for independance. (Human Rights Watch)


In later years, Nammi became a women's rights advocate. There is still honor killings, forced marriage, child marriage and domestic abuse in Iran.


Jamileh Kharrazi spoke on the issue.


"Iran is a diverse nation. We have many different peoples. Hopefully, we can unite around our common traits, thus building more tolerance and acceptance. We can then work to build more rights for women"


fighters in the 70's


Diana Nammi fought with other brave fighters in the 70's. They saw a future of independence for the Kurds. Via Kayhan Life.


Strong Women In Iran


Though we often do not see their contributions, women in South Asia contribute much.

Later this year, the Toos Foundation will debut The Making of Phoolan Devi. This film looks at the 'Bandit Queen,' a robin hood-type figure in India.


In it, she rebels against her caste. After being raped, she rejoins her band of outlaws. They descend upon the town where she suffered and exacted revenge.


"We hope that this story can help women feel empowered" says Jamileh Kharrazi, who runs the Toos Foundation.


"Women are not just passive creatures. They can bite and scratch when they are messed with."

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