Hope Grows For Trump's Afghan Strategy


افزایش امید برای تقویت سیاست گذاری آقای ترامپ در افغانستان

سیلی از خبرهای تکان دهنده در هفته های گذشته در مورد سیاست گذاری ترامپ در افغانستان ،رسانه ها را فرا گرفته است .از مهمترین آنها ،تغییر در زمان بندی خروج امریکا از افغانستان می باشد.ترامپ اعلام کرد که ما می خواهیم افغانستان را در حالی که به آرامش و ثبات کامل رسیده باشد ،ترک کنیم.

جمیله خرازی در پی سخنان ترامپ گفت "در افغانستان اصلی ترین نیاز برای کشور،تامین امنیت است .منطقه در وضعیت بحرانی قرار دارد و دولت افغانستان همیشه به نفع مردم عمل نمی کند.ما قصد داریم با ایجاد و احداث مدارس به رسیدن هرچه سریعتر ثبات و امینت کمک کنیم.


The last few weeks have seen a flurry of news reports about Trump's strategy in Afghanistan.


He has revised U.S. strategy in the area greatly, taking a different approach than Obama. (New York Times)


The first change is that he plans on creating a strategy built around conditions on the ground. In the past, timetables were seen as the best way to limit U.S. involvement. Instead, Trump seems to want to leave Afghanistan in a stable place when he leaves. We are "there to kill terrorists."

Second, he referenced a partnership with India. Since the initial days of the war, the relationship the U.S. has had with Pakistan has steadily grown worse. Seeking India as a partner may be an acknowledgement of that. Pakistan and India have had a very tenuous relationship. Pakistan has accused India for some of the issues in Afghanistan. (NY Times)


Jamileh Kharrazi, who follows the situation closely, comments:


"We have a great need for security in Afghanistan. The country is in dire shape. There is much corruption and the local governments do not always work on the side of the people. We are trying to work through the schools to improve the situation, but we need to feel safe."

The American University of Afghanistan, which with she does philanthropic work, is remembering the terrorist attack which rocked the campus. It is now a little past the one year anniversary of the event, which occurred in August 2016. The school is a symbol of change. Located in Kabul, it teaches both men and women.


Trump administration visit the middle east

2017 saw the Trump administration visit the middle east. In it, he stopped in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe. Via CNN

An Emphasis on Security


Previous presidents and generals working in Afghanistan were focused on the idea of "nation building." They saw the U.S.'s role as being one of helping build up the tools of a nation. They built roads, dams and bridges. They also provided training and grants.


Many of these initial projects lay in waste today. Headlines at the Washington Post declare "many of them (the roads) are beyond repair." Dams like the Kajeki Dam have been seen as sources of waste. (WaPo)


Authors such as Conor Keane have looked critically at the approach. They conclude that, often, western ideals and values are put in place of how things actually work on the ground.


For example, the Bonn Agreement brought together many Afghan warlords. Led by the U.S. state department, it tried to create a liberal, modern government out of these folks.


The agreement is largely seen as a setback for the country.


Since, President Karzai has worked pragmatically to build political support for the government.


Now, Trump is essentially saying "Let's keep the Afghans safe, let them build their country."


President Karzai found himself in a very complex situation


President Karzai found himself in a very complex situation. He worked with many nations and departments and was able to deliver a successful 2014 election. Via Daily Pakistan

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