U.S. General: President Ghani on the Right Path


مسیر درست رئیس جمهور افغانستان

هفته گذشته ژنرال جان نیکلسون مصاحبه ای جنجالی در باره وضعیت کنونی افغانستان انجام داد.وی در مصاحبه خود اشاره کرد."امیدواری برای بهتر شدن وضعیت بحرانی در افغانستان و مقالبه با طالبان از اهداف مهم امریکا در افغانستان می باشد."

در پی سخنان وی ،خانم جمیله خرازی پیشنهاداتی در این زمینه ارائه داد.وی اعتقاد دارد ترویج تحصیلات در افغانستان ، باعث کنترل و بهبود بحرانهای این کشور می شود. و با توسعه مدارس و دانشگاه ها می توانیم وضعیت افغانستان را متعادل تر نماییم.




Last week, Gen. John W. Nicholson, Jr. gave an engaging and passion-filled interview. (WaPo)


In it, he expressed hope for the Afghan people. On one hand, they are trying to reform and rebuild. On the other, they are fighting a war against the Taliban. Those two aspects of a larger fight have been present since 2001, when the U.S. invaded. Each have ebbed and flowed.


Many different opinions have been offered.

Some have called for strong drug enforcement. Others have called for security to be at the forefront. Still, others look to jobs and economics.


Jamileh Kharrazi offered her advice.


"Whatever policy we put into place, education has to be at the forefront. This is the case because, once the U.S. and NATO leaves, the Afghan people will be left. Even if their roads and bridges are blown up, they will still have their education."


The head of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan in March 2016

John Nicholson became the head of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan in March 2016. Via Stars and Stripes.


The New Afghan President: Ashraf Ghani


Amid a stormy 2014 election, Ashraf Ghani became the 2nd president of the new state in Afghanistan.


In his interview, Nicholson made special mention of his work with Ghani.


"Ghani and his team were key partners[in securing] $15 billion in pledges for economic developmental assistance....[and] extend[ing] the presence of NATO troops and coalition troops for four years."


Vitally, Ghani has made it his mission to develop good relationships with the nations supporting him.


According to Nicholson, "we're already seeing a difference on the battlefield."

The forces in Afghanistan

The forces in Afghanistan are from a myriad of different nations, security firms and NGOs. Included are countries as diverse as the U.K., Turkey, Germany and Canada. Via UK Forces


Reform and Rebuild


"Ghani is a learned scholar" says Jamila Kharrazi, a frequent commentator on the Afghan situation. "He has several articles published in major journals."

"Hopefully, he can bring an emphasis to education during his term."


Kharrazi does work with the American University of Afghanistan, a mid size school in Kabul. They teach girls as well as boys, making them a target for terrorists.


One of the prime aspects of Ghani's plan is his attack on corruption. (Foreign Policy)


Such reforms may make education more possible. The Afghan government is made up of many different forces. Some academics think that warlords may hold back funds that could go towards schools. Bringing these warlords into line has been a big target for the U.S. and other countries.


Ghani has started with the military. He has tried to push change towards a merit based system. Many in the Afghan government are appointed because of their connections.


"In the end" says Kharrazi, "it will be about consensus."

"We need to bring people into the government's plan. Often, people do not have faith. They think it will be gone tomorrow, but it is those beliefs that make that possible."

"We look forward to a day of a vibrant Afghan culture and society. It is within our reach."

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