Jamileh Kharrazi and Education in Lebanon


جمیله خرازی و تحصیلات در لبنان

امروزه لبنان با مشکلات زیادی در حوزه آموزش دست و پنجه نرم می کند.بعد از جنگ داخلی سوریه در سال 1975 کشور به چند دسته تقسیم گردید.از آن تاریخ به بعد ،لبنان در حالت آماده باش و بسیاری از مناطق مرزی آن درخطرمی باشد.تغییر و تحولات در منطقه باعث بوجود آمدن شرایط بحرانی درکشور شده است.بطوریکه از هر 4 نفر ،1 نفر مجبور به مهاجرت شده است.از دیگر مشکلات در لبنان می توان به شرایط سخت درتحصیلات پایه و دانشگاه اشاره نمود.

جمیله خرازی به کمک های خود در زمینه تحصیلات در سراسر جهان شناخته شده است.در سال 1999 به عنوان سفیر هاروارد در خاورمیانه منصوب گردید.وی به تحصیلات عالیه در لبنان کمکهای شایانی نموده است.خانم جمیله خرازی اعتقاد دارد این حمایت ،نیاز به همکاری و مشارکت دیگر نیکوکاران برای نتیجه بخش شدن در ابعاد گسترده دارد.



Today, Lebanon faces severe education challenges.


After a civil war in 1975 that tore the country apart, the region has been in crisis. Syria, with which it shares most of its land border, it engaged in a long war. Israel, to the south, has been an up and down struggle. It has been education, and other social services, that have been extended to the brink to help those affected.


One key area of this is refugees. Importantly, The Syrian civil war has displaced around 10 million people. Many of these are families. (NPR)


Almost one in four of those living in Lebanon are refugees. (Human Rights Watch)


Many are stepping in to help.

Jamileh Kharrazi is involved with education around the world. In 1999, she was appointed as Harvard's Harvard's Ambassador to the Middle East. She has set up the Fellowship of Harvard Post Graduates for Lebanon.


She believes in the power of partnerships.


"There is a way to build around peace. To prosper together, east and west can work through the power of art and education. We are all human." She said in the recent telephone interview. "We can partner together around the positive things we create together."


Lebanon's public schools
Lebanon's public schools are in crisis. Today, almost of students go to private. To compare, almost 90% of U.S. students attend public school. Via Global Young Voices


Lebanon's Public School Crisis


Lebanon's education system has many advantages. First, they have the most number of schools and universities per capita in the region. The world economic forum has ranked them highly recently. (Global Young Voices)


However, the large number of refugee children have put a huge strain on the system. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of children have tried to enter the system.

In many cases, they are not able to enroll. This is especially the case among high school age students. For those, only 3% enrolled in public secondary schools during the 2015-2016 school year.


The state is doing its best to help. Vitally, students do not need to prove that they are residents to enroll. They opened up afternoon classes and have taken away fees.


"Another way to approach the issue is from the supply side" Said Lady Kharrazi. "We need more teachers. Education begets education. The fellowship can help educate folks from Lebanon."

The American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut is a great example of education in Lebanon. Jamileh Kharrazi is noted for her work with the American University in Afghanistan. Via AUB.edu


Working Towards Solutions


Perhaps, however, the biggest thing that Jamileh gives to the Lebanon Situation is the ability to connect people.


According to the Human Rights Watch, the 1.87 billion dollar target for refugees in the region was at 60%. That gap means there is a huge area of need. Refugees need many different services, from healthcare to water to electricity.


Jamileh Kharrazi has been active in connecting people in the region with those in the west. Together with Harvard, she will bring her talent to bear in Lebanon.

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