Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Create New Opportunities for the Next Generation

Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Create New Opportunities for the Next Generation

    Entrepreneur Magazine recently recognized Sharifa Al Barami as among the Middle East’s Achieving Women of 2018. Sharifa is an advocate for tech entrepreneurship, as well as a businesswoman and mentor.

Like many women who have reached the heights of professional achievement, Sharifa understands that mentorship is key. Without female role models to look up to, young girls may miss out on important economic and social opportunities. As a result, Sharifa and other inspiring women like her are working hard to make sure the next generation has greater support from female mentors.


Support and Mentorship are Critical to Lasting Change

Gender inequality in the workforce negatively impacts the overall economy. So, narrowing the economic gender gap can create substantial benefits for us all.  The Financial Times recently reported that female entrepreneurship narrows workplace gender gaps. As a result, supporting women-owned businesses is good economic development policy.

Mentorship from high-achieving women can help the next generation of girls achieve economic success.  Without encouragement and training from other women, many girls are unable to discover their true potential. Lady Jamil Kharrazi, a long-time advocate of women’s issues, is one example of the type of role model.  

Lady Kharrazi has supported dozens of educational initiatives across several countries designed to empower women.

For example, she has helped increase educational opportunities for women at the American University of Afghanistan. Also, Lady Kharrazi works with prestigious institutions like Harvard University’s initiatives in Lebanon, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, and the National University of Singapore to develop policies to empower women.

The Independent, researchers have found that many women who want to launch their own businesses do not do so. Much of this is due to the fact that they feel a lack of support in the entrepreneurship community.

In fact, the UK Women and Equalities Minister recently highlighted the importance of strong mentorship to promote female entrepreneurship. “Mentoring is key,” says Jo Swinson.  “It helps to build confidence, develop key business skills, and provides a network of contracts for those starting out.”  


Women Business Leaders Inspire Young Girls

Researchers have found a link between female corporate leadership and female workforce participation. Essentially, women participate in the workforce less often when there are fewer women in corporate leadership roles. This fact can also be linked to mentorship. Because there are fewer women in economic leadership roles, less young women get the guidance and support they need to succeed in the workplace.  The next generation needs encouragement and training from women business leaders. Thankfully, women like Lady Kharrazi, Sharifa Al Barami, and other powerful female business leaders are working to fill this critical gap.  

Business News Daily recently reported on some of the challenges female entrepreneurs commonly face. For example, becoming a powerful business leader often requires girls to defy social expectations. This can be very difficult, particularly among women who hold dear their traditional values. However, women entrepreneurs across the world are sharing their experience and knowledge to help empower the next generation of female business leaders.

Inc. Magazine recently shared several tips from successful female entrepreneurs. Most of them focused on the value of evolution and resilience in the face of failure. They encourage fearlessness and tout the benefits of economic independence. All in all, as more female leaders emerge in business, we will work towards greater gender equality.

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