Jamileh Kharrazi & AUAF Work to Keep Afghanistan Afloat


جمیله خرازی در AUAF در تلاش برای رونق در افغاستان

متاسفانه هر روز خبرهای ناخوشایندی از افغانستان به گوش می رسد.خوشبختانه افرادی همانند جمیله خرازی هستند که به فکر بهتر شدن وضعیت در مناطق بحرانی جهان می باشند.

وی به تازگی به عنوان مهمان برجسته در ضیافت AUAF در واشنگتن شرکت کرده است.AUAF به عنوان حامی تحصیلات در افغانستان شناخته شده است .وال استریت ژورنال در خبری ذکر نمود که در حملات تروریستی به دانش آموزان ،تا به حال 67 نفر مجروح و 16 نفر جان خود را از دست داده اند.

ضیافت واشنگتن با محوریت کمک به دانش آموزان و ایجاد امنیت در افغانستان برگزار گردید که با حمایتهای زیادی همراه بود.

جمیله خرازی در آخرین مصاحبه خود گفت "تغییرات در راه است البته به آرامی ،ما در هر حال تلاش برای ایجاد ارتباطهای مختلف افغانستان با جهان هستیم تا باعث بهبود شرایط کلی در افغانستان شویم"


Sad news keeps pouring out of Afghanistan every day. Luckily, there are people like Jamileh Kharrazi working to improve lives in the country. Recently, she was a featured guest at a Friends of the American University of Afghanistan dinner in Washington. (FAUAF)

The AUAF is dedicated to education as a right for Afghans. This past Thursday, they mourned the one year anniversary of a deadly terror attack that rocked the school.

Using a bomb and guns, terrorists attacked students and staff. There were at least 67 casualties and 16 dead. (Wall Street Journal)

The dinner aims to help fund the school, which has shown great resilience. They reopened in March. Their student body includes women, a great feat in a place where women were under virtual house arrest only two decades ago. (CNN)

Education has been seen as a major tool to help the country. Schools like Kabul University worked with universities around the world to rebuild after the fall of the Taliban. Famously, Iran donated 25,000 books and helped with funds to build a dentistry school. (Trend)

It is one of the best options in the "culture war" where Afghans feel suspicious of both U.S. and Taliban forces. Rural Afghans are starting to support women's right to vote and work outside the home more, signaling positive change. (Asia Foundation)

Ms. Kharrazi spoke in a recent interview. "Change is coming, albeit slowly. We are working in many different ways to build partners and relationships between Afghanistan and the world."

Dental schools like this one in Herat

Dental schools like this one in Herat have been opened because of donations from abroad. They will improve health outcomes in the country. Via Ghalib.edu

Education and Stability

Other news has touched the country this month.

President Trump announced a new strategy in the country. He wants to "pursue… security interests above all other[s.]" The plan will include a troop increase of 4,000 in the region. The idea harkens back to the initial invasion led under Rumsfeld. (WaPo)

                In 2001, Rumsfeld, speaking on the U.S. presence there, said "Boots on the ground has value in of itself...we're not invading… But we need to start creating an environment that is not hospitable to Al Qaeda and the Taliban." Unfortunately, the U.S. has felt forced to maintain an active troop presence in the country since then.

                After Rumsfeld, Robert Gates and other leaders have tried to take a more holistic approach, viewing the country as more than just a front in the war on terror. Instead, they have supported a multiple country effort to build roads, bridges and schools. (WaPo)

                "Afghanistan is often viewed as a warzone. But the reality is that there are families here trying to build their lives" says Ms. Kharrazi in a recent interview. "The U.S. talks about capturing hearts and minds. But it is not only democracy that excites Afghans, but the prospect of being able to rebuild."

                "Afghans are a proud, diverse group of people."

criticizing Obama's commitment to success in Afghanistan

Gates recently wrote a book criticizing Obama's commitment to success in Afghanistan. Via YouTube

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